AMERICAN BRAKE COMPONENT, CORP. is an enterprise with more than 10 years of experience in the North and Latin American markets. We specialize in brake spare parts and brake systems for cars, trucks and industrial equipment.

Our main objective is to offer and provide premium products to our customers with an excellent relation price/value.

We have proved experience in the automotive market with a wide variety of premium products, to rebuild or replace brake parts or the hole brake system.

All of our products pass through strict controls to make sure they meet with the appropiate quality certificates.

ABC, CORP. handled a long range of products for disc and drum brake systems, such as: master cylinder and wheel cylinder repairing kits, brake diaphragms, oil seals, caliper guide pins and anti-rattle components, bolts, drum hold-down kits, security nuts, retainer metal kits for front and rear axles, brake fluid (DOT3 and DOT4). These are just some of our varied product line. We invite you to visit our website and let us know how can we help you.